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18 January 2007 @ 12:19 am

No Manga vs. Anime comparisons?

No girlish symphonies over the fact that this is IchigoxHirako's first meeting?

No speculation on whether the animators will remember Hirako's tongue piercing??

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Hello hello and welcome to livejournal's first and (currently) only community for Ichigo and Hirako! Whether you're a fan of them as a pairing, as teammates, or as obnoxious hero and obscure, fashionably-dressed side-character, we encourage you to join and partake in the ichigo and hirako goodness!

Posts should be on the topic of either Ichigo or Hirako (or preferrably both!) - We welcome anything, from art, to icons, to fic (if there even is any), to plain old rambling!

So please, make yourselves at home, and enjoy the community!
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