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our fashionable romance

(and by 'romance' we mean 'petty one-upmanship')

ichigo/hirako and all permutations thereof
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(colliq.)   Kansai-ben expression meaning, literally, "why is it?" In a similar vein as "O RLY?"
(SEE ALSO: BLEACH ch. 236)

Fan-community for Kurosaki Ichigo and Hirako Shinji of the hit shounen anime/manga series, BLEACH!

{ g u i d e l i n e s }
1.   i solemnly swear that i will not make a scene. Be conscientious! We're all fans of the same thing, just because you don't like somebody's fic or art or opinion doesn't give you the right to bash it. If you want respect, you'll have to respect in turn.
2.   keep it spoiler-free. We are dealing with a part of the series that hasn't aired in the anime yet. Spoilers should go under marked cuts, and only provided in comments when explicitly asked for.
3.   keep it clean. All fanworks are welcome, but be sure to censor yourselves! Fanfic above drabble-sizes (100 words) should go under a cut, unless NC-17 in which it should be cut and clearly marked as such. All art should go under a cut regardless, but artists are allowed to supply a small preview.
4.   japanese fanart & you. Do not direct link images. Try not to re-share japanese fanart without giving credit. Links to fanart sites are a-ok though (y).
5.   keep it on-topic. It's cool that you own an argyle-print cabbie hat and all, and I'm incredibly jealous of your hirako-like fashion, but we really don't need to see it.

MOD NOTE: This community encourages, if not explicitly, shounen-ai and yaoi content! If you choose not to share the consensus, fine by me, but keep it to yourselves, thanks!
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